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Any Given is one of the hottest new leagues in LA. They finished up their first season in Glenadle last week. A couple photos from the exciting championship game. 


Had the pleasure of directing and shooting a promo for an event coming up in LA. LA Fit Club, hosted by El Pueblo Historical monument and Jive Live. Sadly, the official date is postponed, but I still had a blast with these three incredible talents. Coach Nadia, Fayad and Kit. Did some stills and then a hype video. More to come 


Basecamp Fitness is my home away from home. They do a great job of hosting these challenges every quarter or so to really invigorate the members. It’s always a pleasure to work on them and bring some life to the videos to hype everyone up. 


Happy Birthday

Our little baby girl turned one today. And it’s crazy to think how quickly time flies. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. And not going to lie, those first couple weeks were tough. Certainly eye opening to Kelsey and I. But now, I can’t image a life without her. 


A cold day in LA makes me reminisce about our recent honeymoon to the Vice Roy in Riviera May. Need to find clients in Mexico…